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'Girls' Fashion Recap: Shoshanna Grows a Bandana Collection and Jessa Dons a Flawless Braid

Read on for a blow-by-blow of the fashion of "Dead Inside."
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In Sunday night's episode of "Girls," Hannah was faced with the unexpected death of her editor, David. But this wasn't Downton Abbey. Hannah's sadness was not reflected in her wardrobe, nor in her disposition. Unless her suppressed feelings were subconsciously responsible for those purple pants.

The episode also gave us lots of Jessa-looking-insanely-cool, which made up for the other characters' sartorial mistakes.

Read on for a blow-by-blow of the fashion of "Dead Inside."

Hannah Looking Responsible on Her Way to Meet With Her (Dead) Editor You can tell Hannah is going for a creative-yet-together look as she enters her publisher's office for what she thinks will be a meeting with her editor. Whatever togetherness she hoped her outfit conveyed is lost when she falls in the reception area, spilling the contents of her Cambridge satchel. As usual, the muddy colors are pretty unfortunate, but we kind of love the Bass x Rachel Antonoff loafers paired with socks.

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We later find out that under the coat, Hannah was wearing this cutesy sweater with doodles of umbrellas and rain on it that says "Rain or Shine!" Perhaps it's supposed to symbolize Hannah's inability to care much about things other than herself? Rain or shine, death or no death, life goes on and e-books hopefully get published. Regardless, they did a great job of staging her on this couch in a way that displayed the sweater's message.

Jessa's Flawless Braid This is by far our favorite Jessa hair look of the entire series. Things tend to go awry when people try out braids on this show, but Jessa is giving us major hair envy with this one. Not that she isn't usually giving us hair envy, but, just, ugh. So cool. And she's playing the guitar on top of it? Just stop.

Shoshanna's Bandana Collection So, Shoshanna has a bandana collection now. Has she started getting into Tupac? Or trying to be more hipstery? We don't really know what to make of it but we guess this bandana look is a lot better than some of her past hair experiments?

Hannah's Purple Pants Look Why Hannah, why? The cropped sweater and simple necklace are sort-of okay, but the purple pants are mind-blowingly bad and should not be worn by anyone under the age of 65. Still, we weren't all that offended until she threw on the denim pea coat and ugly vintage purse. We guess it's all in line with her newfound retro inspiration following that haircut. But she's not quite getting it right, which isn't surprising. If she looked chic all the time, she wouldn't be Hannah.

Adam's Sister, Caroline We're not sure what exactly Caroline's deal is, why she's there, or why she appears to wear only clothes that don't belong to her. Perhaps it's to make the other characters look appropriately dressed by comparison.

Jessa Confronts Season in Velvet We loved all the Jessa time we got this episode. For her visit to her old friend Season's house, she chose a long white slip dress paired with a velvet jacket, leather purse and fashiony, expensive-looking wedges. She tops it off with a moody matte dark red lip. It's an ethereal high-low mix that only Jessa can pull off. It's also just very Jessa -- the Jessa we met in season one, so perhaps it's meant convey that she's starting to feel herself again.