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The 10 Biggest Golden Globes Beauty Trends

All the celebrity hair stylists and makeup artists must have had a big pow-wow prior to the Golden Globes last night because some pretty strong beauty trends emerged.

All the celebrity hair stylists and makeup artists must have had a big pow-wow prior to the Golden Globes last night because some pretty strong beauty trends emerged -- besides just the croon- and swoon-worthy man bun trend. Some conversations that I imagine took place: "Hey, guys, let's totally bring back Gwynnie's stick straight '90s hair and make everyone buy flat irons again!" and "Does anyone else have tons of really dark oxblood nail polish left over from the holidays? Let's use it up before spring!"

Click through for the 10 biggest beauty trends I spied on the 2014 Golden Globes red carpet.

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In case you needed evidence that the Karlie kut was no mere flash in the pan and could survive a new year, look no further than Zosia Mamet's spectacular new chop that she debuted last night. The cut garnered almost unanimous praise on Twitter. The other five ladies here just prove how damn versatile and flattering a bob can be.


Have a short hair commitment problem? Then consider the faux bob (fob) your red carpet friend. Claire Danes wore a fob to great acclaim at last year's Emmys. Cate Blanchett (styled by Robert Vetica for Vidal Sassoon) and Taylor Swift both tackled the look last night in their own distinct ways. Blanchett's was smooth and sophisticated, and Swift's was more playful. All you need to get this look is a lot of mousse, a handful of bobby pins and -- sorry -- a hair stylist.

Tan Man:

Last night a lot of people wondered if their TV screens were acting funny, because many Golden Globes attendees' skin, especially the men's, appeared more, well, golden, than usual. Upon studying the images this morning, I can assure you that your TVs are just fine. Several guys apparently hit the spray tan booth pretty hard yesterday. Here I present Bradley Cooper, Matthew McConaughey, and Leo DiCaprio for your consideration, with Jared Leto's relatively ghostly complexion as a control. You decide -- did they or didn't they?


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Big hair is back. Traditionally, ladies of a certain age always gravitate towards a bit more volume, but last night everyone had their teasing combs out. Kate Mara wins for edgiest poof.

Super Short:

Kudos to these ladies, who are still shelling out to get their cuts trimmed every four to six weeks. I salute you. May your hair wax containers never go dry.

Goth Nails:

While nail art was conspicuously absent on the red carpet (well, Zooey Deschanel indulged in some), dark, vampy nails made a strong turnout. One last hurrah before the spring pastels debut? I particularly like the wine color against the green of Schilling's and Witherspoon's gowns.

Breck Girl Hair:

Big, luscious, sex-bomb, Connie Britton-esque hair made a strong showing last night. While the middle part on Taylor Schilling's may have been a bit ill-advised, Tina Fey's hair was utter perfection thanks to stylist Richard Marin.

Stick Straight:

Dust off your flat irons and stock up on heat protecting spray, ladies. Consider this the other end of the Breck girl spectrum.

Colored Smoky Eyes:

A smoky eye is a red carpet staple. But it looks like makeup artists were keen to use up all those colors in the palette you never touch, like the blues (Laura Carmichael), purples (Olivia Wilde) and greens (Kaley Cuoco). Mila Kunis's is a more traditional taupe smokey eye, but it's mesmerizing in its sheer perfection so I'm including it because of that. Ashton Kutcher is a lucky man and I'm not sure he deserves someone with that kind of makeup prowess.


Then there were the ladies who chose not to follow the trend memo. Zooey Deschanel, this generation's Drew Barrymore, will doubtless have a cheery cosmetics line in 20 years. Diane Keaton showed off the best hair of the night -- it looked healthy and swingy, and the ashy blonde/grey hybrid was so gorgeous. Finally, there's Jacqueline Bisset. Her weird and awkward speech aside, she did say, "Forgive everybody -- it's the best beauty treatment." Plus you have to admire anyone who scoffs at being a slave to hair serum.