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Sorry Guys, J.Crew Is Not Really Lowering Prices

False alarm.
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J.Crew is one of those stores that's sometimes just a liiiittle more expensive than we want it to be. That's why we were pretty excited to read in WWD Wednesday that Mickey Drexler had announced, that the retailer's prices for spring will be "much more friendly this year." The trade added that "It’s the 'middle of the road' merchandise that will come down in price in some cases."

And now that you've gotten your hopes up, we're here to burst your bubble. This isn't really happening. According to a source within the company, J.Crew will actually just focus on having a better balance of prices across the board and better communicate why certain items cost what they do. So, perhaps there will be a few more friendlier-priced items in the mix, but prices won't be lowered overall.

We guess we'll just have to stick to our reliable strategy of waiting until things go on sale and, on occasion, shopping the much more friendly-priced kids' section (shhhh).

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