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Jennifer Lawrence Got Doritos All Over Her American Hustle Dress

Also, Diane von Furstenberg loved the movie. LOVED it.
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If we've learned anything about Jennifer Lawrence over the last several weeks, it's that, for her, food and fashion aren't necessarily the best combination.

First there was the case of last year's little Oscars acceptance speech stumble, which we now know was due largely in part to cake -- but it's not just sweets getting J.Law down (literally). Tuesday night, during a discussion moderated by Vanity Fair in LA, American Hustle's Oscar-nominated costume designer Michael Wilkinson opened up about working with the Dior-sanctioned actress -- and getting around her penchant for artificially-colored snack chips.

Those who've seen American Hustle (or the trailer, or any awards show in the past month) will recall that super-slinky, low-cut metallic dress worn by Lawrence in her confrontation scene with Amy Adams. Since the original script called for Lawrence to spill champagne on the dress, Wilkinson created four identical pieces from the thrifty $3.99-per-yard fabric.

"I'm kind of glad we did," he said, "because Jennifer Lawrence is a very... let’s say... raw and intuitive young lady, and she’s not against eating Doritos and snack food in her costume. So we were glad that we had a couple [backups]."

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Another stain that made an even bigger impact on the film? A wine spot left on a vintage Diane von Furstenberg frock worn by Adams, which arrived on-set damaged. Instead of ditching the wrap dress, the film crew created a backstory for the spill based on Adams' character swiping it from the dry cleaner.

Even more pleased with the soiled dress's inclusion in the film was DVF, herself, who told VF that American Hustle was "the best gift [she] could get for the 40th anniversary of the wrap dress."