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Here Is Louis Vuitton's New Hyper-Luxe Line of Handbags

Have a spare $20K? Here's how to spend it.

Marc Jacobs' final campaign for Louis Vuitton for Spring 2014 was exciting for many reasons: Not only did it feature a number of the designer's muses like Sofia Coppola, Catherine Deneuve and Gisele Bündchen, it highlighted the brand's new hyper-luxury bags which, Purseblog tells us, just hit the web. (We're still trying to pin down the exact date with Louis Vuitton PR.) Louis Vuitton as a brand has made known that it is moving toward more expensive and more exclusive goods, which would explain why the Spring 2014 collection features a handful of bags that cost somewhere between $20,000 and $40,000.

The new line of bags are a far cry from the monogrammed leather pieces that the company is widely known for -- and that have hit a global saturation point over the last few years. The collection, which includes bucket bags, top-handles and shoulder bags in materials like alligator skin, Swarovski crystals, and peacock and pheasant feathers.

In an October issue of WWD, Vuitton CFO Jean-Jacques Guiony addressed the challenges of this new endeavor, saying, “The big challenge is mostly on the supply of quality leather, which is a scarce resource." But another challenge in retail will surely be the high prices. Vuitton has brought on a new accessories designer for the project, Darren Spaziani -- formerly of Balenciaga and Proenza Schouler -- who has been tasked with bringing exclusivity back to the brand.

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The hope of this new direction is that it will both increase the brand's sales -- which have been steadily on the decline -- and target the luxury customer as opposed to the "masstige" market, and these prices will certainly weed out mid-level shoppers. As of now, the new, more expensive bags are not sold online -- only in Vuitton's brick and mortar stores. But, if you're making a purchase this expensive, wouldn't you want to see (and feel) the goods in person before you buy?

Head over to Louis Vuitton's website to see the full selection.