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Marc Jacobs Is Opening a Fashion Week Pop-Up That Accepts Tweets as Payment

What's the tweet to U.S. dollars exchange rate?
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Pop-up shops are no new thing, especially during Fashion Week, but Marc Jacobs' fragrance division has a slightly different concept up its sleeve for February. It's called the Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop, and it's selling its wares to the sweet, sweet tune of zero dollars.

The shop is accepting social currency — a tweet, Instagram or Facebook post tagged #MJDaisyChain — in exchange for goods. So it's unclear if we can actually call these freebies: While posting a picture to Instagram costs shoppers nothing, collectively it gives Marc Jacobs an instant burst of #marketing across social media platforms. How much any given tweet or Insta is actually worth may be the real question here.

The shop will be open Feb. 7 to 9, coordinating with the release of a new print campaign for Daisy, and it does sound like fun, however much an engineered promotional storm it may be. There's a lounge, a Daisy photo booth, food, drinks and Wi-Fi (considerate).

Fragrances and Marc Jacobs accessories will be on hand for shoppers to nab via tweet, Instagram and Facebook. And (and!) the most creative social media posts will win Marc Jacobs accessories throughout the day.

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So you might consider stopping by.

This isn't the first time that Marc Jacobs' fragrance division has dabbled in getting more interesting with its product promotion. When Honey launched last year, its debut was coupled with a Google Maps-powered campaign that showed Jacobs' favorite hotspots across various cities. When users uploaded their own spots to the interactive map, they were entered to win fragrance and clothing prizes.

We don't have the official tweets to U.S. dollars exchange rate just yet, but we'll update when we have more details.

Update: As the team is still finalizing details, a Marc Jacobs rep let us know that there will be no nail art at the pop-up shop, as we previously reported.