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A Timeline of Pharrell's Most Statement-Making Headgear

Believe it or not, the Vivienne Westwood "Mountain" hat isn't the wildest one in Pharrell's repertoire.

The biggest fashion moment (and most instantaneous Internet meme) of the 2014 Grammy Awards was, by far, the Vivienne Westwood hat that Pharrell wore on the red carpet and to accept his many awards. While people immediately latched on to the fact that the producer's headgear was a wee bit out of the ordinary -- and that it looked like it was borrowed from Smokey the Bear and/or the Arby's sign -- I personally didn't think it was too much of a departure from his normal garb. (Confession: Pharrell is from my hometown, so I might follow him and his life a little more closely than most.)

Yes, this hat is particularly large and imposing (he wore it again on Monday to a Beatles tribute in LA, btw), but so are many of the caps that Pharrell has worn in the past. Join us as we look back at the ageless musician's wardrobe of headgear, from the trendy to the classic to the very, very wacky.

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