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Ralph Lauren's Drunken Niece Causes Emergency Plane Landing

The jewelry designer is being sentenced for air rage.
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Jenny Lauren, a New York-based jewelry designer and niece to iconic American fashion entrepreneur Ralph Lauren (her father is Jerry Lauren, executive vice president of the company), may come from a seemingly picture-perfect family, but that doesn't mean she can't cause a little trouble.

Or a lot. Lauren attended a court hearing Tuesday in Ireland after her own drunken and abusive behavior forced a JFK-bound flight from Barcelona to be grounded there on Monday. She spent the night in jail.

According to the Irish Times, Lauren's charges include "engaging in behaviour of a threatening, abusive or insulting nature," "being intoxicated to such an extent as would give rise to a reasonable apprehension that you might endanger yourself or other persons" and "behaviour likely to cause serious offence or annoyance." The plane, which had 209 216 passengers on board, made an emergency landing as a result of the incident. Both the inconvenience caused to passengers and costs Delta incurred will be factored into Lauren's sentencing, which will be put forth on Wednesday.

Our bet is that Lauren will have to a pay hefty fine, something uncle Ralph has some experience with.

Other things we know about Jenny Lauren: She was the subject of a New York Times profile in 2012, and struggled with an eating disorder and other health issues growing up, which she detailed in a 2004 book, Homesick: A Memoir of Family, Food and Finding Hope.

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Her jewelry line is sold at Ralph Lauren stores, Dylan's Candy Bar and Donna Karan's Urban Zen.

We've reached out to Delta and Ralph Lauren and will report back once we know more.

Update: A Delta rep has confirmed the incident with the following statement:

On January 6, the crew of Delta flight 477 from Barcelona to New York-JFK followed established procedures and diverted to Shannon, Ireland to have law enforcement address an unruly passenger. There were 216 customers onboard the Boeing 767-300ER aircraft. I cannot speak to details of the reported unruly behavior and will defer to law enforcement and other officials.