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Rihanna Doesn't Like Her Butt, Courtney Love Is a Vlogger Now, Allison Williams Goes Crafting

Here's all the fashion news to keep you hanging on until the weekend, including more about Victoria Beckham's Skype project and Blue Ivy in a major ensemble.
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Despite being gorgeous and fit, Rihanna says she picks on her own body, especially her "flat" butt. Step away from the mirror, Riri. You're perfect. {E!}

Elsewhere in body image issues, Anne V wishes she were less pale, freckle-free and could eat anything without gaining weight. This Valentine's day, let's all put ourselves at the top of our love lists, K? {Ocean Drive}

Allison Williams went crafting with Harper's Bazaar's Laura Brown, and the two got a little competitive. The actress has a strong vision when it comes to pom-pom styling. {Harper's Bazaar}

If you've ever envied Keira Knightley's loose, romantic updos, here's a step-by-step guide to getting her latest star-spangled look (as told in GIFs). {The Cut}

For Victoria Beckham's Skype Collaboration Project, Juergen Teller explains the thinking behind putting the former Spice Girl in an oversized shopping bag for Marc Jacobs' 2008 spring campaign. {Vogue UK}

Engagement rings are way too pretty (and expensive) to risk damaging... so someone invented a protective "ring cozy." This is either the most unnecessary or the most necessary thing ever. {xoJane}

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