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Rihanna Getting Handsy With Shakira and Kate Moss Edition

Which Rihanna-plus-small-and-humble-breasted-blonde duo do you think has more chemistry?
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Looks like our good friend Rihanna's up to her old tricks on the cover art for her upcoming duet with Shakira. Unveiled Thursday morning via BadGalRiRi's Instagram -- days before the single, titled "Can't Remember to Forget You," is even scheduled to drop -- the image shows the Barbadian pop star lounging somewhat sensually across Shakira's lap on a couch. Both ladies are decked out in black lingerie and a whole lotta blingy bobbles.

It's nice and all (well, as nice as a song can be without, you know, hearing the actual song...), but we can't help but feel like it's a bit reminiscent of that other time Rihanna posed all sexually with another sassy, brown-eyed blonde: Yup, we're talking about KATE MOSS.

As you may recall, Ri and Mossy got their BDSM on (and their kits off) for the March 2013 issue of V Magazine, photographed by Mario Testino. Of course, that shoot involved a bit more nudity and whips... but you never know what kind of soft-core magic the Shakira/Rihanna outtakes may hold.

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Which Rihanna-plus-small-and-humble-breasted-blonde duo do you think has more chemistry: R + K or R + S?

(And also, what have we done to deserve now having this stuck in our heads all day? Make it stoppppp.)