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Sneakers Make a Surprise Appearance on the Haute Couture Runways

Though we can't say they're exactly cute.

Fashion has been having a love affair with sneakers for a while now -- look at any batch of street style photos from outside the shows and you're sure to spot at least one Nike Air Max or Adidas Stan Smith.

But now it seems the trend has jumped from the streets and onto the Spring 2014 couture runways: Raf Simons showed sneaks at Dior on Monday, and Karl Lagerfeld followed suit at Chanel Tuesday.

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At Dior, the comfy footwear took on the form of black slip-ons, bejeweled with little flowers or stars. They kind of remind us of aqua socks, actually, with that webbing and low vamp. Chanel went the chunkier route, showing white lace and lilac sequined iterations, both with a more traditional athletic sole. Those had vibes of suburban moms getting in their exercise with a "mall walk" or two.

And while these might not be the prettiest or most covetable shoes, it's interesting that they made an appearance at all -- when one thinks of couture, the word "comfort" does not readily come to mind. Maybe really, really rich women need to get places in hurry, just like the rest of us.