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Stephanie's Warm and Toasty Snow Boots

Hello, storm Hercules.

So, it snowed a little bit. Did you notice? Winter storm Hercules has swept across the Northeast, and many of us have been forced to make wardrobe adjustments. (Almost as painful as travel adjustments! I jest...)

In my case, that means the boyfriend coat and leather gloves have been switched out for a puffer jacket and the warmest ski mittens I could find. As far as the footwear, well that was easy...for once. Until now, every damn winter I would find myself in a pickle come the first snowfall. You see, I only owned a pair of Hunter galoshes, which were good for the moisture but terrible when it came to keeping out the cold. And every year, I would log on to L.L. Bean with the intent to order a pair of the brand's classic Bean boots, only to find that they had basically sold out for the season.

So in November of last year, during a trip to Maine, I made it my mission to visit the company's flagship store -- even before checking into my hotel. There, I finally snagged the snow boots of my dreams, and now, they sit on my feet. With added Thinsulate, they are so very warm and even look somewhat fashionable with skinny jeans and a fisherman's sweater. And, knock on wood, I haven't slipped and fallen on my ass once.

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Bean Boots with Thinsulate, $129, available at L.L. Bean.