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Target Goes on a Media Blitz to Apologize for E-Commerce Security Breach

Target is working overtime to make it right with its customers.

News about the Target credit card security breach seems to get worse by the day -- on Friday, it was reported that over 70 million shoppers had their personal information stolen from the retailer's database -- and the company is working around the clock in an attempt to earn back its customers' trust.

On Monday morning, Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel sat down for a long interview with CNBC, hoping to shed a bit more light on the tense situation. Due to having malware installed on Target's point of sale registers, Steinhafel is aware that there's a large possibility that his customers will face credit card fraud, which is why Target is making sure that its shoppers have zero liability: Not only will Target pay for any fraudulent charges made on the card of a victim of the data breach, it is offering credit monitoring services free of charge.

In addition to the televised interview -- and a series of videos on Target's website that address the situation in detail -- Target took out a full-page ad in the New York Daily News (hat tip: Mashable) in order to further address his customers, which is interesting (or perhaps mistargeted) considering this was a digital breach. Read the full letter below.

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