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The 5 Items Most Destined for 'It' Status from Kenzo Pre-Fall 2014

Including the line's latest fashion sweatshirt, of course.

Leave it to super hip label Kenzo to hold its Pre-Fall 2014 show in a seemingly random (and inconspicuously signed) location in midtown. But you know you're in the right place -- that would be the General Society of Mechanics & Tradesmen -- when you see not one, but two girls lingering outside in that fuzzy teal boyfriend coat from Topshop. And you definitely know you've arrived when the person checking in ahead of you tells the PR her last name is "Krauss," and later, after innocently plopping down next to her at one of the many wooden four-top tables, you get a good look and realize, "Oh, it's Alexis Krauss from Sleigh Bells!"

And then you see the clothes, which were most certainly, identifiably Kenzo. Designers Humberto Leon and Carol Lim looked to the American Northwest for this collection, and that came through most notably in mix-and-match permutations on the regions most beloved print: plaid. And then there were the made-for-layering silhouettes, such as bombers, asymmetrical skirts and cozy mannish coats.

All in all, the outing was very Kenzo, which, under Leon and Kim's watch, has become shorthand for cool, colorful and bold. And given the pair's stellar track history of providing fashion fans with hit after hit of street style bait, we broke out the five It items that are sure to blow up.

1. The cobalt and black wrap skirt (far left). This print is stellar -- eye-catching to say the least. While it was splashed on a few pieces of outerwear, we think this skirt, with its jagged asymmetrical hem, is going to be the most sought-after item from the bunch. If fact, we wouldn't be surprised if Taylor Tomasi Hill already put her name on the waiting list, given the sort of avant-garde, almost Japanese-inspired shape.

2. Duh, the "Fire" sweatshirt (second from left). Kenzo has almost singlehandedly cornered the market on "fashion" sweatshirts, and this one, with "fire" emblazoned across the front, is sure to be another blockbuster. The font is just weird enough (not to mention that cool red), and the gradient plaid down the sleeves is a nice touch. With all that interest going on, it's sure to make a pretty picture.

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3. Those checkered ankle boots (middle). Graphic, black-and-white shoes have been a thing for a while now (see Dries Van Noten and Proenza Schouler, just to name a few), but Kenzo took things up a notch with these babies. The contrast of the cobalt makes them really special, and the zipper down the front is an unusual detail.

4. That bright lights, big city bomber (second from right). Another key motif in the line was a print inspired by the blur of neon lights, seen here on this cute little jacket. It's just signature enough while also relatively easy to mix in with everyday wardrobe pieces. Also, you can decide when you want to be having a Kenzo moment or not by simply slipping it on or off.

5. And last but not least, the branded pouch (far right). Again, Kenzo has a lot of street style currency right now, so why not just parade around with the logo on your person? Not only are clutches still a thing, but bright ones like this continue to look fresh and like a fun little extra to your outfit.

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