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The 3 Models on Twiggy's Radar Right Now

Plus: the icon gives us the scoop on her favorite things about her home city.

As if the new generation of style icons and first-rate fashion designers coming out of London these days didn't have you itching to take a trip across the pond, London and Partners -- which aims to promote the city and bring in visitors from across the globe -- has enlisted some of London's most famous faces to share their stories about what makes the city so special to them.

One of the newest ambassadors is none other than Twiggy, who rose to fashion icon status in the '60s and, as a continuing inspiration to all aspects of the industry from editorials to designer collections, is synonymous with London style. We were lucky enough to chat with the model-slash-actress about all things British, from the Royal Family to her favorite shopping streets, and we can assure you she's just as adorable as you'd imagine. Read on for the highlights of our London-centric chat.

On her favorite places to shop: "There's Bond Street, Regent Street and Oxford Street -- then there's whole areas in Shoreditch and Whitechapel that have a very young demographic -- there's really something for everyone's budget."

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On London's newest crop of style icons: "I love Cara Delevingne, I think she's great, and I still think Kate Moss is one of the best. My favorite new model is half English and half American -- her name is Staz Lindes and she's absolutely gorgeous."

On the the city's high-street youth culture: "From the early days in the '60s, we had Biba, and it was the first time you could get modern clothes for teenage people -- she kind of began it. To be fair, I think we've always been the leaders in youth culture, and have some of the most innovative, slightly quirky young designers and artists. I think because we're an island, we've created slightly eccentric people, which I think is rather wonderful."

On Kate Middleton as an ambassadress of British fashion: "I think she's wonderful and I'm a great royalist. I think they're wonderful for the country and I think she's gorgeous -- they seem very happy. I follow what she wears in the magazines just like everyone else, and she dresses beautifully. She's stylish and classy, and she always comes across as a really nice person -- which I think is why she's captured everyone's heart. And now they've got a baby! Everyone loves a baby."

On Lena Dunham's '60s-inspired Vogue cover: "I love Girls and how huge it's gotten. I think [Dunham] did a photo shoot a little while ago and they did a photo of her dressed like me. I am very touched!"