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Tyler's Resolution-Inspiring Leggings

Yea, you know what's up.

It's the second day of 2014, and like the rest of America, I've made that cliched New Year's resolution to get in better shape.

I had my last burrito for a year at lunch (no really, I swear, that's it for a whole year -- I'll miss you, Chipotle) and I've made an appointment with a nutritionist. I already have a gym membership, but because of the holidays and travel, I haven't been in months. So I decided to try and get myself motivated to get back in the gym the only way I know how -- buying new clothes.

I own exactly two pairs of workout pants, and one has finally gone the (ahem) Lululemon way, so I picked up another pair of these from Gap. They're a great thickness, so I don't feel too exposed, and they're as comfortable as they are functional. Hopefully I'll be wearing these to actually work out, rather than just to the laundromat on laundry day.

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Of course, I'm finishing my last pint of Ben & Jerry's as I write this, so, slow progress.

GapFit gFast leggings, $59.95 at Gap.

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