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Victoria Beckham Is 'a Little Chic' for a Girls Cameo, Says Lena Dunham

Too chic for TV.
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Apparently Jenna Lyons is within the approved limit when it comes to the amount of chicness allowed for a role on Girls. Victoria Beckham, however...

While doing press at the Girls season three launch in London, Lena Dunham again addressed Victoria Beckham's off-handed remark about wanting a Girls cameo. Having realized that her comments about it earlier this month ("We’ll get to work on that!") may have been misconstrued, she was quick to dismiss any rumors: "Victoria Beckham mentioned she loved the show in an interview and this has been metastasised into 'Victoria Beckham is the fifth Girl,'" she said, according to The Guardian. "We love Victoria Beckham but she's a little chic for us."

But wait, Lena: Why are we so quick to dismiss this totally reasonable casting choice? Beckham could play Jessa's long-lost British aunt or something. Or even better: the estranged wife of Richard E. Grant's character (the British dude who came on to Jessa in rehab) -- the two did work together on Spice World.

Poor Beckham: Who knew her innate chicness (really, she can't help it) would get in the way of such an exciting career opportunity?

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