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Vine Turns One Today: Here's Six Reasons Why We Love the App

Some things are just better in motion.
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Today is a big day for the app Vine -- it turns one year old!

Vine launched just in time for the Fall 2013 shows last year, and fashion was quick to jump on the new technology, trying it out everywhere from front rows to dinner parties. And while Instagram's launch of a similar video app -- which lasts 15 seconds to Vine's six -- certainly stalled Vine's success, it hasn't gone away just yet. So here, we celebrate the reasons we fell in love with Vine in the first place.

1. It gives us a front-row view of Fashion Week.

Finale walk shots may be a dime a dozen (guilty!), but when a fashion show had a great concept that doesn't really get captured by still photography alone, Vine was the perfect addition to your Insta photos.

2. It gives us a head start on the trends.

When Eva Chen tells you to get embellished Tevas the second they march down the runway, well, you go out and buy a pair of Tevas and a glue gun, right?

3. It provides a peek at life backstage.

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Whether it's the insanity of models waiting for their turns to take the runway or watching a beauty look get transformed from concept to application, Vine captured the feeling of being in the middle of the frenzy.

4. It's all about the detail shots.

The twirl of a dress, the sparkle on a shoe, the detail on a bag handle -- all captured better in motion than in still life.

5. It's our all-inclusive invite to the best parties.

Thanks to fashion insiders who are also social media fanatics -- like Leandra Medine, aka Man Repeller -- we get to feel like we're partying right alongside them. (Especially useful when Harry Styles is present, considering he's always "busy" for my parties -- come on, Styles!)

6. It was just plain fun to play with.

This Vine, re-Vined by Gap, captures the fun that happens behind-the-scenes at a campaign shoot.