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Vionnet Demi-Couture Goes Haywire Under New Designer

What even did we just look at?
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French label Vionnet tapped designer Hussein Chalayan for the demi-couture collection that just made its debut in Paris and it's,'s something.

It all started out so well: Gauzy, floaty dresses in mostly pale colors, which then gave way to more electric oranges and yellows.

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Then it all went haywire. According to, Chalayan started with "industrial design" as inspiration, like "spiral staircases, furniture, electric wires." Unfortunately it turned out a little bit too literal, as a few of the looks appear to be wrapped up in actual electric wires. And the finale looks, rendered in blacks, whites and grays, looked like Chalayan simply wrapped up the models in blueprint paper or something.

Couture, obviously, should be inventive, and demi-couture is probably a bit restricting in nature. Still, Vionnet is a brand rich in heritage and known for prettier fare, so this collection is perhaps too far a departure from its DNA.

Photos: IMAXtree