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Vogue's Response to Unretouched Lena Dunham Photos Is Awesome

The pigeon is REAL, you guys!

You didn't think Vogue was going to stand idly by while Jezebel dragged its name and its February cover story through the mud, now did you?

On Friday afternoon, the magazine took to an unexpected medium -- its Instagram account -- to address the controversy that's been brewing over the retouching of Lena Dunham's photos in the glossy's latest issue. (Which, if you've seen them, don't appear to be overly Photoshopped at all.)

Jezebel published the unretouched images Friday, including the shot Dunham in a feathered Alexander McQueen dress with a pigeon perched on her head, on what appears to be a Brooklyn street. Jezebel claimed that, based on its evidence, the image was actually shot in a studio with the pigeon and background added digitally afterwards. Apparently, this was not the case.

Vogue's Instagram post, seen above, shows Dunham during the shoot with a real live pigeon on her head, accompanied by a sassy caption that reads: "The Vogue pigeon. Any questions?" The magazine had no comment on the Jezebel story when reached by phone, but it's obvious that the magazine has a pretty good sense of humor about the situation. Of course, it's possible that the shot that made the magazine was comprised of different elements from a few photos, but that's common practice in all fashion editorials.

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