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10 Questions for 'The Fashion Fund,' Episode 3: 'In Front of the Camera'

We have to admit, we teared up a little during this one.

On the eve of New York Fashion Week, Ovation aired the third episode of its series "The Fashion Fund," which opens with the finalists being presented with their Uniqlo design challenge, as well as beginning their studio visits with the panel of judges. The challenge -- which requires each designer to create a performance-ready piece out of Uniqlo's high-tech materials -- had some of the contestants struggling to maintain their aesthetic. Out of the three sketches they turned in to the panel, Anna Wintour would choose one that will actually go into production (her selection will be featured in next week's episode).

The most inspiring moments this time around, however, were those when we got a glimpse of the designers' shoot for Vogue, which publishes a portfolio of the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund finalists each year. Seeing each of the hopefuls living out their dreams -- and posing with models like Dree Hemingway and Candice Swanepoel -- was enough to melt even the iciest of hearts. Read on for our 10 questions for this week's installment.

1. Did the Tome designers call a color from their spring palette "sickly lavender?" I wish Crayola would use that name for one of its crayons.

2. How many words on average does Anna Wintour say during each designer's studio visit? It sure seems like 50 or less, which is terrifying.

3. Did of Ramon Martin and Ryan Lobo of Tome really throw up and/or cry after Anna Wintour left? They did mention it multiple times.

4. We were only able to see a few moments of their meeting, so what exactly did Andrew Rosen say to Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne of Public School during the studio visit to make it "the best 40 minutes of their lives?"

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5. How can I get my hands on that blue alpaca coat from Misha Nonoo's showroom? I want to wear it every day, forever.

6. How many nights a week does Jason Jones of Parabellum "sleep amongst the leather" in his design studio? That can't be comfortable.

7. How did photographer Sebastian Kim get his hands on an actual eagle for the Vogue shoot, and how did he think Jason Jones could possibly look "effortless" while holding it?

8. How relieved was Marc Alary when stylist Tabitha Simmons said she wanted to shoot the necklace he spent seven hours soldering?

9. What went on in the months between the Vogue shoot and the designers seeing their spreads? That seems like a pretty huge jump ahead.

10. How many exclamation points are enough exclamation points to include after seeing yourself in Vogue for the first time? (Never enough, probably.)

Bonus question: Was there a dry eye in the house when each of the designers saw their Vogue photos for the first time? NOT MINE.