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Pastels Will Not Be Going Anywhere Come Fall, Thanks to Phillip Lim

The designer's 3.1 collection was so light and happy, it could even keep one cheerful through the dreariest of days. Start your shopping list now.

What happened to winter? At 3.1 Phillip Lim on Monday, you could forget the freezing temperatures for a moment and bask in his light and cheery fall collection, inspired by "Soleil," his imaginary muse who is "fun" and "culturally curious."

This Soleil certainly does have a playful side. Early on, a pretty wacky print came out, splashed over a button-down, a sleeveless dress and a bomber jacket. It was sort of a patchworked mix of pastels (lavender, buttercup yellow, pink, baby blue) and a black-and-white marble-looking pattern. Oh, and there were some flowers mixed in. Overall it skewed young and a bit '80s, but happy, especially when paired with a suspendered skirt.

Things got more sophisticated later on, when Lim introduced a palette of eggplant, burnt orange and navy. Blazers, slouchy trousers and relaxed trenches made appearances (perhaps for when Soleil needs to go to the office?), as did some awesomely wide belts with huge rectangular block fastenings.

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But, really, watching a Lim show is more of an exercise in shopping for yourself, as he knows exactly what a New York girl wants, especially when it comes to outerwear. So far, the shopping list includes one of those awesome texture-blocked shearling coats (preferably the one in rich brown and dark pink with that leather panel) and a pair of beyond-cute ankle boots with a contrasting white block heel. Or maybe the Victorian-looking knee-high lace-ups? Well, we have some time to think about it.

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Photos: Imaxtree