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A UK Nightclub Actually Banned Fur

Leave the Fendi at home.
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We've heard of individuals taking strong stances on fur, from celebrities to fashion designers. But a place? That's pretty unusual.

But after realizing its potential to make a difference, an exclusive London nightclub frequented by celebrities and royals has decided to ban the animal-derived material from its enclaves. Mahiki, a tiki-themed club on Dover Street, has partnered with PETA to enforce the ban, a rep for the business confirmed to us Friday. It went into effect Thursday night.

The animal rights organization has created a sign for Mahiki to make visible to those hoping to gain entry, and has trained door staff on how to distinguish faux fur from real fur.

It's not all that crazy: clubs like these have the right to decide who gets in and who doesn't, and dress codes are not uncommon at them. Though nothing like this has really happened before, at least not that we've been made aware of. The only similar headline-making story was from last September when the city of West Hollywood, which is home to a lot of retail, banned the sale of fur clothing within its geographical limits.

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Chances are this one initiative by one business probably won't put much of a dent in fur sales this year, but perhaps there are more socially conscious club owners in the world than we realized, and this ban could become more widespread. And if that happens in London specifically, it could have an impact on the city's economy, of which the fur trade is an important factor. And designers, who consistently put fur on their runways, probably won't be happy, either.