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The Combover to End All Combovers at Alexander Wang (Plus, Bleached Brows!)

"I wanted to do hair that was very drawn on," said hairstylist Guido Palau. Mission accomplished.

Much-hyped and newly relocated to a huge, industrial space in Brooklyn's Navy Yard, Alexander Wang's fall runway show did not fail to deliver on the beauty front. With bleached brows and slick, super-straight hair cutting across the forehead, the models' looks were harsh, masculine and appropriately military. Their low ponytails were tucked into cravats to give the appearance of uniform short haircuts.

"Futuristic," "boyish," "a little bit '60s" and "utilitarian" were among the descriptors hairstylist Guido Palau threw out backstage to describe the look. He based the hair on a fashion illustration Wang had done. It's true: the sweep of the hair across the forehead did have the sureness of a swipe of pen on paper. "I wanted to do hair that was very drawn on," Palau said.

To drive that point home, 12 of the models -- the big-name girls like Karlie Kloss, Jacquetta Wheeler and Bridget Hall, who assembled in a rotating circle at the end of the show -- received a dose of very matte black hair spray.

As for those brows: every girl signed on to have them painted with light blue bleach before the show kicked off, a process that took about 15 to 20 minutes, depending on how dark their hair was. After the show, they were all restored to their normal color.

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While the girls' skin had a nice luminosity, thanks to Nars' Copacabana highlighter, the nails were the one part of the beauty look that you could readily recreate at home (unless bleached brows are your thing, in which case: more power to you). The Essie team used a beige, cement-toned polish, and finished things off with a matte top coat. Nail length was kept as is, although Wang does prefer them on the shorter side for a more boyish look. While decidedly contemporary and cool, the manicure also reflected the show's industrial surroundings.

Was it pretty? No. Impactful? Most definitely. Mission accomplished, Alex.