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André Leon Talley May Be About to Land a Few More Creative Director Roles

In addition to gigs with Numéro Russia and Zappos, Andre Leon Talley plans to stack a few creative directorships with luxury brands on his plate, says his agent.
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Expect even more surprising career turns for former Vogue editor-at-large Andre Leon Talley.

Now that he's left the fashion bible, the iconic personality is snapping up opportunities left and right. He joined Numéro Russia as an editor-at-large last year, with that all-important "at large" modifier affording him the liberty to take on more projects -- like that artistic directorship at Zappos, where he's been given free reign creatively. And from the sound of it, he'll likely be taking on more of those roles in the future.

A piece in WWD Friday previewing the latest issue of Numéro Russia (which includes a sexy cover story by Tom Ford, who else?), mentioned that Talley is "in talks with a variety of luxury brands in various sectors about future creative director roles for his client."

We spoke with Talley's agent, Marc Beckman at DMA United, who confirmed the tidbit, framing it as a lot of inbound interest in Talley from luxury brands that want his creative vision. While he didn't name names, he said they were in "several conversations" with "several companies," adding that they were predominantly luxury labels in the fashion space, but also luxury companies outside of the industry, like automotive and hospitality, that may "want to come closer to fashion."

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So, it's safe to say that another, if not more than one, creative director-y role is in Talley's future. And also -- given his motivation for taking that Numéro Russia job -- a whole lot of cash.