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Anna Wintour Gave Her Daughter's Boss a Vogue Feature

Kind of awkward that Bee Shaffer's mom has a total crush on her boss.
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In her memoir, Vogue creative director Grace Coddington mentioned, hilariously, that Anna Wintour gets ocassional crushes on men: Ben Stiller, Puff Daddy, Roger Federer among them. And it occurred to us recently that Seth Meyers is definitely one of those crushes.

First off, she tapped Meyers to host the 2012 CFDA Awards, which seemed a bit of an unconventional choice given his seemingly non-existent involvement in the fashion world. Wintour even gave him the brilliant idea to wear Marc Jacobs' sheer lace Comme des Garcons dress on stage. Clearly, the two are on the same level comedically.

Secondly, Meyers has been featured in Vogue on more than one occasion -- also surprising given the fact that when you think of Seth Meyers, you don't really think, "fashion." Not that he dresses poorly or anything. He's just, you know, a male comedian. The first instance was a feature on his wedding to Alexi Ashe on Martha's Vinyard. Then, he was featured on in Elettra Wiedemann's cooking video series. And most recently, there's a full feature in the Rihanna-covered March issue about Meyers' switch from "SNL" to replacing Jimmy Fallon on "Late Night."

Which brings us to the next part of the Wintour-Meyers lovefest: Wintour's daughter Bee Shaffer, who previously worked for "Glee" producer Ryan Murphy, recently joined the staff of "Late Night" as a segment producer.

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Word of Shaffer's new gig broke in October, and Vogue's interview could have taken place any time between then and last May, when it was announced that Meyers would replace Jimmy Fallon. Vogue's article, for the record didn't include a disclosure.

While we're pretty sure it's safe to assume Shaffer's job was not contingent on the Vogue piece, her mother clearly had a professional relationship with Meyers that may have helped open that door. Chances are Meyers would have gotten a Vogue feature either way, because Wintour is clearly obsessed. (It's okay, Anna. We think he's super cute and funny, too.)