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Barneys Is Bringing the Cronut to Los Angeles

Get ready for the Cronut Craze, Los Angeles.
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Baker Dominique Ansel has found himself in high demand amongst the fashion set: First there was the Opening Ceremony spring 2014 show, for which Ansel exclusively provided his Cronut. Then he had to reprimand none other than Victoria Beckham for -- the nerve! -- tweeting about knock-off cronuts (fauxnuts, even).

Now, Barneys New York is flying him out to Los Angeles. Ansel, who calls L.A. a "really great city," is obviously excited to escape the last gasp of a New York winter for a few days. More than that, though, he's excited to bring the Cronut to his West Coast fans -- that's right Angelenos, the Cronut is coming with him. "We have a lot of people that travel to New York from the West Coast and a lot of fans that send letters and email us," he explains. "And it's a long trip for them, so we really wanted to reach out to them."

So save your frequent flier miles for another trip, wealthy West Coasters with a fierce sweet tooth: Ansel is heading out to Barneys' recently renovated location at The Grove, just in time for the Oscars. "It’s such a fun and lively time to be in Los Angeles, and we felt this is just another way to celebrate the weekend," says Barneys COO Daniella Vitale, who calls the Cronut "a rare, exclusive and beautifully crafted product," comparing it to products carried at her stores. (The difference is that a Cronut will set you back about $6 as opposed to, say, a $33,900 watch from the exclusive Jay-Z holiday collection.)

Ansel welcomes the fashion comparison. "You know, at the bakery we change the menu very often, when we debut something we call it a collection," Ansel says. "So the creativity aspect of the fashion industry is very close to what we do and we feel very connected to the fashion world."

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Don't fret New Yorkers -- you can still get your Dominique Ansel fix at Barneys' Upper West Side and Brooklyn stores on Saturday as well; customers at those stores can purchase a mystery box, which could contain a Cronut or another Ansel pastry.