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Carolina Herrera Brings Jackie O to the 21st Century

As with all of Herrera's collections, these are clothes for Ladies Who Lunch.
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When the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy's assassination rolled around in November of last year, it was almost impossible to escape images of the President and his wife Jacqueline on that fateful day in Texas.

Perhaps that's why Carolina Herrera's fall collection felt like an ode to Jackie O. But this wasn't about costume dressing: The pillbox hat was elongated, the shoulders rounded, and geometric elements were sprinkled in to help modernize the idea. Strappy satin sandals, though maybe not totally practical for colder months, added a youthful freshness.

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As with all of Herrera's collections, these are clothes for Ladies Who Lunch -- probably at Fred's or Daniel in between shopping sprees and trips to the Met. The fur-trimmed suiting pieces and elegantly draped gowns were begging for the backs of society's most refined women.

In fact, such was the effect that I couldn't help but wish that many of the looks had been worn by more mature models. Nothing against Karlie Kloss, who opened and closed the show, but there was an elegance to the clothes that made some of the young models look like little girls playing dress up in their mother's closet.

The looks were more befitting a woman more comfortable in her skin, with more life experience -- a woman very much like Herrera's customer, who will be well-served by these clothes.

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