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Chanel Will Show Its Upcoming Cruise Collection in Dubai

Might want to rethink those leather gloves, eh Karl?
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We can only speculate how, exactly, Karl Lagerfeld decides where he's going to show his latest mid-season Chanel collection -- but something tells us it may involve spinning a globe with his eyes shut and plopping his index finger down on a random (yet very expensive) locale.

WWD is reporting that, after holding recent runway shows in other exotic destinations like Singapore, Versailles, Scotland, Cannes, and, well... Dallas, the Kaiser plans to present Chanel's 2014 Cruise Collection (his version of Resort) in Dubai on May 13 -- though the exact details of the location are unknown.

We can see it already: Models riding in on elephants and camels, mini modern sky scrapers stamped with interlocked Cs, possibly some offensive Middle Eastern cultural motifs, and hopefully a lot of light fabrics and swimwear -- since, as WWD notes, Dubai's average temperature in the month of May hovers somewhere around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Might want to rethink those leather gloves, eh Karl?

And who knows, maybe even local shop-owner Mischa Barton will pop in -- we know how Marissa Cooper had a real soft spot for Chanel.

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