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Check Out Jonathan Adler's 'Groovy, Nifty, Rad' New Collection for Toms

Does Adler's retro aesthetic translate to casual footwear and eyewear?
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Jonathan Adler, known for bringing hip, retro, colorful design to the masses (and being married to Simon Doonan), has just embarked on his latest collaboration, with charitable accessories company Toms.

Toms has been pretty collaboration-happy lately, which makes sense. There's only so much one company can do with a slide-on, or to promote its longstanding buy-a-pair, give-a-pair business model. But it's interesting that the company's follow-up to fashion-y brands The Row and Tabitha Simmons is a home decor guru. For his range, Adler put his stamp on a sandal, a classic slip-on and three styles of sunglasses.

Granted, Adler added accessories like handbags, small leather goods, hats and tech accessories to his offerings in 2012, so perhaps he's slowly trying to break into the market.

But does Adler's aesthetic translate to casual footwear and eyewear?

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We like the sunglasses. They're a bit quieter than the shoes and when it comes to eyewear, retro is always in. However, we're not sure the loud shoes will make us feel as cool as this adorable dolls canister -- which, full disclosure, is currently sitting on my dresser -- does.

The best part of this collaboration? The below video, in which Adler talks about how "groovy," "nifty" and "rad" his prints are, then goes to an inner city school to give a bunch of "A. Dor. A. Ble" kids some new shoes. Someone give this guy a Bravo reality show.