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Chloe Nørgaard Goes 'My Little Pony' Pink for Rodarte, Confirms Her Manic Panic Collab

If anyone can convince us to dye our hair crazy colors, it's this girl.
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The beauty look backstage at Rodarte may have been inspired by the Mulleavy sisters' childhood, but anyone who's had dreams of being a fairy-tale princess will relate. With their glittery purple lips and teased extensions twisted back in butterfly barrettes, the models looked fantastical and generally fantastic. Radarte, indeed.

Easily the best-prepared for the show was Chloe Nørgaard, who had dyed her hair a blend of pastel pink and purple tones for the occasion, since she was walking as an exclusive. Nørgaard has become known for her electric, ever-changing hair colors, so she was down to coordinate her hair with the collection.

"In the last two days, I've dyed it two or three times -- we wanted to make sure the extensions and my hair matched, and that it all matched the collection," Nørgaard says. "We had to make sure it worked with [hairstylist] Odile [Gilbert's] extensions, so there was a lot of back and forth. It was easy, because I do it at home."

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To further cement her position as hair color queen of the model universe, Nørgaard also has a collaboration with Ricky's founder Ricky Kenig and Manic Panic in the works for fall, which she briefly mentioned in Glamour's March issue. Backstage, the model remained tight-lipped on the details -- when? what colors? -- but she did confirm that it's definitely happening, trilling: "Finallyyyy."

Sadly, the "My Little Pony" tones she had going on will go away after the Rodarte show, and she's growing her roots out in preparation for her next look. For those who are curious, her natural hair color is light brown ("I guess mousy brown is what you'd call it").

"I want really long, dark roots," she explains. "So I'm actually going to dye my roots black -- they wanted it brown because there's some brown in the show -- but I want it to be black and long and then rainbow colors."

When is that happening? Maybe right after the show, she says. The model is walking in London, so we'll have to wait until next week to see the results.