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A Wearable Princess Leia Beauty Look, Courtesy of Creatures of the Wind

What happens when Sharon Tate meets Princess Leia (and some blue liner)? A very pretty beauty look.

Backstage at Creatures of the Wind, the makeup team traced metallic blue liner on the models' lower waterlines and dabbed rosebud salve onto their cheekbones to create a luminous look that was meant to be a little 1970s, a little Star Wars. (We'll explain.)

"I always like to have a character, so with the eyebrows and the eyelashes, we were thinking of someone like Sharon Tate," makeup artist James Boehmer says. "There's a little bit of the '70s futurism in the collection, so we thought of this idea of long, feathery, separated lashes. Top and bottom."

Boehmer kept the models' faces relatively bare, starting with Nars Luminous Moisture Cream and adding tinted moisturizer, stick concealer and a bit of loose powder where it was needed. Also drawing on Tate's look, Boehmer brushed the brows up and then over. (Repeat with us: up and over.)

Boehmer says that as Odile Gilbert was creating the textured braids, the strands of hair that fell out stuck to the rosebud salve dabbed on the models' cheekbones. While this might typically be the bane of lipgloss-wearers existence, in this case the result was romantic and windswept, not sloppy.

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After testing out green, blue, teal and purple, Boehmer settled on the metallic blue (Khao San Road Larger Than Life eyeliner) because it was the most universally flattering. Although blue liner can often be an attention-grabber, here it's meant to light up the eye more than anything else.

For lips, the Nars team DIY'd a honey-colored gloss using Triple X Lip Gloss mixed with the Mauritanie Matte Multiple, which launches for fall. (For now, the Na Pali Coast Multiple makes for a good substitute.)

Between the wraparound braid and the gloss, the whole look amounts to something akin to Princess Leia's space beauty look.

"I'm afraid to talk about it because with the braid it becomes a little too literal, but we were talking about Princess Leia," says Boehmer. "It's a little like... you know how no matter what happens, she always had that lip gloss on? Like she's in a trash compactor, but she still has perfect lip gloss? So maybe something about that."

Under the warm lighting backstage, the blue/honey color combination paired with dewy skin was incredibly pretty, and despite this being a fall collection, it had something of a beachy vibe. We'll definitely be considering this look when the weather gets warmer.