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Dear Michelle Obama, Please Wear These Tracy Reese Looks This Fall

We pick out the best pieces for the First Lady (and Reese fan) because... like she has the time.

Designer Tracy Reese is something of a favorite of Michelle Obama's -- she has worn her clothes so many times that Kerry Washington donned a MObama-approved Tracy Reese dress to play the First Lady on SNL.

So while we were at the designer's fall 2014 show, we thought we'd do Mrs. Obama a favor and pick out the best First Lady-ready looks from the runway -- she's so busy, after all!

The rose-covered black dress is a wild-card pick. Sure, it's a bit flashy for her, but we think the shape will really flatter. When packing for a press appearance or foreign trip, our vote goes to the shift dress and matching cardigan, as well as the paisley skirt and cardigan set.

And finally, we just love the gold sparkly number -- not only would it look good on her, but it would make a great hand-me-down for daughters Malia and Sasha (even the First Daughters have to think about homecoming dances!).

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