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Drew Barrymore's New Flower Mascara-Liquid Liner Combo Is a Game Changer

Brilliant, Barrymore. Brilliant!
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I was lucky enough on Monday to attend a round table meeting with the one and only Drew Barrymore, better known as the "creator, president and co-founder of Flower Beauty" (that's how she introduced herself, anyway) to preview the spring collection of her Walmart makeup range. Filled with dual-purpose lip and cheek chubbies plus some bright yet perfectly wearable shadow sticks (and some super luxe brushes on the horizon) the afternoon proved to me and a slew of other beauty editors in attendance that for the ultra-charming, charismatic Barrymore, being in the makeup biz -- with an aim of "bringing prestige to masse" -- is more than just a passing whim.

The 39-piece spring collection's pièce de résistance is a nifty little two-in-one that makes SO much sense, the whole room went into a state of bewilderment over why we'd never seen it done before: "Eye 2 Eye," a compact, no-fuss looking instrument that you might mistake for being simply a chubby eyeliner marker (or, for non-beauty folk, an actual Sharpie). But twist off the opposite end of the felt tip and... are you ready? It's MASCARA.

It's a little bit genius, to say the least. Said Barrymore, "I love it just because, I've always wanted something like this, so I hope it does well so it stays around! Who doesn't love an all-in-one?" Who would've guessed that the '90s favorite flower child would end up creating the most useful on-the-go beauty product this side of dry shampoo? (PS: For all inquiring parties, daisies are no longer Barrymore's favorite type of flower. She now prefers a cabbage rose. Mourn as you see fit.)

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But anyway. Anxious to test it out, I incorporated Eye 2 Eye as part of my usual makeup routine this morning -- and here's the verdict: The liner is great. I only had to use one coat to get an opaque black flick, and it dried really quickly (so, no smudging whatsoever). The tip of the marker was firm, so it was super easy to control -- a necessary element when you're creating a sharp cat eye.

Frustratingly, the mascara wasn't quite as impressive. Despite it being a "volumizing" formula, I found it didn't really glide smoothly over my lashes, and almost seemed a little dried out. For someone who prefers just a hint of mascara, it certainly does the job -- but I'd love to see a more even formula and longer, more deluxe-looking spool. Still, as far as concepts go, this one's a winner. I don't picture it leaving my pocketbook anytime soon.

Flower Eye 2 Eye marker & volumizing mascara, $9.98, available at Walmart.