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The 18 Looks Editors Will Be Wearing This Fashion Week

From loaned Prada coats to cheap Carhartt beanies, here are the pieces that are sure to get those cameras clicking away.

New York Fashion Week is almost upon us, which means the street style circus is about to begin. Whether you love it, hate it or just feel a slight unease, that's not going to stop editors and bloggers from dressing to the nines in hopes that a photographer will capture their outfits.

So what will they be wearing? That's a tricky one. The weather sucks -- not only is it cold, but there's always the chance of snow -- which makes it hard to pull off lighter pieces without lots of layering. And then there's the problem of seasonality: Spring deliveries are just barely creeping into stores, with the real heavy-hitters not slated to hit until late Feb/early March (hence we didn't even bother to feature things like Céline's knockout painterly prints in this story, as those will be on lockdown).

But there are a few "special people," such as Anna Dello Russo, who can always call in a couple of favors, so we will most likely be treated to some sporty Prada, and maybe even a Chanel pearl "headphone" choker. The rest of the crowd will have to make do with mixing in some of their fall pieces that still have a lot of fashion currency (Dries stripes, for example) with a few inventive solutions co-opted from the streets (Carhartt beanies!).

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On a styling note, we expect to see some oxfords worn open with only the top button fastened, a la Alexander Wang spring 2014 (hopefully with a Uniqlo Heattech shirt underneath), and some gutsy individual will surely try out Birkenstocks (even gutsier: Tevas) with socks. Speaking of, we'll see a lot of socks with heels this season, along with tried-and-tested oversized boyfriend coats.

Click through to see the pieces everyone will be wearing to the shows, and be sure to check back for our own snaps from the streets.