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Eliza's Mismatched Stud Earrings

Finding the silver lining when you lose one in your favorite pair of earrings.
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Like most people with holes in their ears, I've lost a lot of earrings over the years, the most notable of which was one in a pair of gold ball studs. Totally unremarkable, but it was one of the only pairs of earrings that I wore with any regularity (so minimalist! Easy!). I didn't wear earrings for months after that, less out of mourning than laziness and a general dislike of overly flashy accessories.

Until one day it dawned on me to find that stud a new buddy. And so began a new era of wearing one pearl earring and one gold stud. Which turned into sometimes wearing a little peridot stud (whatup Leos!) with the gold or pearl stud.

Other people have said it before, but it's true: Mismatched earrings are fun and playful and where it's at in general. I have a few cartilage piercings on my right ear, all gold, so I like to do the pearl on that side and the gold on the other. They complement each other nicely and the pairing dilutes the pearl's prep factor.

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So go take those earring lemons and make some earring lemonade.

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