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Eliza's Vintage Tomboy Tee

100% cotton, 100% sleepaway camper.

Whenever a new season is coming up, I like to sketch out the pieces I want to add to my closet. I mean literally sketch it, with a pen and paper, so I can see how everything works together. They're not items from specific brands, but rather guidelines for fit, cut and color that I then try to find in physical form.

No, designing something for yourself and then essentially asking the universe to read your mind and manifest an exact replica is not the most efficient way of shopping.

But sometimes the universe delivers.

Such was the case for this Levi's Vintage Clothing t-shirt. I kid you not: I drew it, a few weekends later I popped into Steven Alan with a friend and there it was at the front of the rack. One left in my size. Thank you, Levi's. Thank you, Steven Alan men's section.

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What's truly awesome about this shirt is that between the fit and fabric, it replicates the t-shirts Levi's produced in the 1950s. It has cap sleeves, despite being a men's shirt — really, it's more suited to boys — and they leave a nice half-inch gap between your arms and the fabric. This, to me, is an essential feature of tees with a tomboyish slouch.

Despite being a grown woman who pays taxes and rent and stuff, I'm aiming for a skater boy/sleepaway camper deal with this shirt. I see tucking it into a high-waisted skirt or under a swingy denim dress. Sneakers and striped athletic socks, definitely.

Levi's 1950s Sportswear Tee, $88, available at Steven Alan.

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