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'Frozen' Beats 'American Hustle' in Most YouTube Makeup Tutorials

The beauty vloggers have spoken, and Frozen flat-out wins for the most imitated look from an Oscar-nominated film this year.
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When it comes to beauty looks from Oscar-nominated movies, Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence's characters in "American Hustle" have gotten their fair share of attention. But the flick that generated the most makeup tutorials on YouTube? Disney's mega-hit "Frozen" puts "Hustle" to shame.

We asked YouTube's fashion and beauty team to pull some numbers, and searches for "Frozen hair tutorial" and "Frozen makeup tutorial" generate 98,400 and 111,000 results, respectively. Compare that to 11,900 and 13,600 results for "American Hustle" hair and makeup videos. Meanwhile, "Catching Fire" shows 29,500 hits for hair tutorials and 35,700 for makeup.

Pretty sure we can chalk this up to the scene during "Let It Go" when the Snow Queen Elsa undergoes what may be the most powerful makeover in recent movie history:

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While the character of Anna (voiced by Kristen Bell) has inspired a decent number of tutorials, most of the videos home in on Elsa's look in this scene. Dramatic purple eye; voluminous, texturized braid. Is there anything a beauty vlogger likes more than a colorful, contoured eye with lots of liner and false eyelashes? Is there anything anybody likes better than a big, messy Free People-style braid bedazzled with little snowflakes? No and no. Katniss has got nothing on this.

Besides, the makeup in "Catching Fire" and "American Hustle" is all about survival, coming from a place of oppression (getting dolled up to fight to the death) or desperation. It's war paint. But in "Frozen"? This animated chick becomes her most fabulous when she decides to become a Queen with a capital Q. Elsa is ascendant, and her makeup reflects that. Plus, she develops her look all on her own, no Cher Horowitz needed.

If you're looking for an Oscars party look, this is unquestionably it. Here is one of the best tutorials to get you started.