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Pharrell Hats Aren't Going Anywhere, Thanks to Gareth Pugh

As always with Pugh, the collection was rife with extremes. But there were wearable elements, too.

After a particularly colorful spring, it appears that Gareth Pugh aimed to clean the slate for fall. The designer, whose sculptural--gothic looks have been worn by Beyonce, Rihanna and Kim Kardashian, worked in a winter white and metallic silver palette, focusing on texture and proportion. He used what looked a lot like plastic tarp to build a robe-like coat, and created a funnel-neck top out of extra-large rectangular paillettes.

While there were, as always, extremes -- a super-sized foam key stuck out from the back of a couple of the looks -- there were a notable number of wearable styles as well. A high-neck, wide sleeve jacket was polished worn with a matching tunic and trouser; the short-sleeve fur could be incorporated into many wardrobes. But the takeaway piece was certainly the mountain hat, which made the audience think instantly of Pharrell Williams's Vivienne Westwood toppers. Maybe he'll switch up designers on Oscar night?

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