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'Girls' Fashion Recap: Shoshanna Pretends to Be a Spy and Jenna Lyons Wears J.Crew

Sunday night on "Girls," Jenna Lyons was there!!! And she was awesome. Some other things happened too, we think.
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Sunday night on "Girls," Jenna Lyons was there!!! And she was awesome. Some other things happened too, we think.

From Lyons' J.Crew attire, to Shoshanna's hilarious spy outfit and insane hair, click through for an in-depth look into the episode's most memorable fashion moments.

Shoshanna the Spy Shoshanna really put a lot of thought into her spying-on-Ray get-up, choosing a colorblocked trench, sunglasses and an odd, slicked-back, twisty hairdo to creep around NYC. We're not sure what her end game is with this, but her spy uniform made the whole scenario that much more hilarious.

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Hannah's First Day at GQ GQ isn't Vogue, but we were a little surprised to see how casually Hannah dressed for her first day on the job and her meeting with her intimidating no-nonsense boss Janice, played awesomely by Jenna Lyons. She looked presentable, but we know she's capable of kicking it up a notch above this easy floral sundress. Remember that time she rocked bass loafers with socks and mostly pulled it off?

Jenna Lyons Wears J.Crew as Janice Jenna Lyons made her acting debut last night and it was awesome. And since Lena has said that the character was inspired by real-life Jenna, it makes sense that Janice and Jenna have exactly the same personal style. She even did a little self-promoting and wore J.Crew -- including this dress, which she wears when Hannah barges into her office with wet hair to complain.

Jessa Sells Baby Clothes? We're not sure how Jessa convinced someone to hire her as a sales associate for a children's clothing boutique, but this exchange, as Jessa held up a very black dress, was great:

Mom shopping for a christening dress: "Christening dresses are usually white aren't they?" Jessa: "Not the chic ones."

Marni Doesn't Give a Shit It's interesting to see Marni with Ray, someone she clearly does not feel she needs to impress. Her hair's in a messy bun, she's wearing jeans and sneakers and a cozy sweater. Marni is just not herself these days.