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'Girls' Fashion Recap: Is This the Best Hannah's Ever Looked?

Adam's big day was overshadowed by some important fashion moments.
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Sunday night's episode of 'Girls' was technically supposed to be about Adam: He actually got a job! He actually did a thing! But his moment was overshadowed by moments like Jessa doing drugs, Shoshanna's ridiculous sky-high bun, and Hannah actually looking kind of good.

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Hannah Looks Kind of Chic

I'm going to go ahead and say that, at least from the waist up, this is the best Hannah has looked this season -- and maybe in the history of the series. She must have really wanted to impress Patti Lupone, because we were really digging her look for her first real interview as a GQ writer. Her hair looks great, the jeweled Peter Pan collar is darling and the light grey and white coloring is flattering on her. Plus, it looks like she's wearing a little makeup. I'm impressed.

Jessa Dressed Inappropriately for Work As Usual

Doesn't Jessa have a boss around to tell her that wearing a dress that exposes the majority of her boobs and smoking cigarettes in the doorway are not appropriate things to do when one works at a children's clothing store? Not that she'll be working there much longer after stealing money from the store to buy cocaine.

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Marnie Runs Into Soojin

Marnie had one of those New York moments that we all dread: Running into someone who's really cool and has a really full, interesting, successful life while we're in jeans and a sweatshirt buying yogurt and feeling bad about ourselves. Not that Soojin is looking like the definition of a hip art gallery owner, but she does pull off those high-waisted shorts well, and somehow that wacky braid works, too. But she's just disheveled enough (read: sporty flip flops, not pictured) to look like someone who's busy getting a gallery open. Also, I love Soojin. She's hilarious. More of her, please?

Jenna Lyons Looking Like Jenna Lyons

Either costume designer Jenn Rogien really studied and nailed down Jenna Lyons, or Jenna Lyons styled herself. The crisp button-down, cropped denim jacket, printed trousers, thick-rimmed glasses and statement necklace are all her (and J.Crew) to a T. In fact, maybe this whole plot involving her role managing sponsored content at GQ is actually product placement for J. Crew...and GQ.

Hannah Goes Shopping

We never pegged Hannah for an Intermix customer, but once she realized how much money she made (an amount I am still very curious about. Ditto how much her rent is.), there she was, dropping dough on a tropical-printed peplum dress straight off the mannequin. And, again, we have to admit, she looked pretty good. (Also: Ignore the sneakers. They weren't shown in the actual episode.)

Shoshanna Dresses Up

What do you wear to your friend's hotel party at the Gramercy? If you're Shoshanna, it's all about an upper thigh-grazing skirt, paired with a completely mismatched lace top with some sort of pink cheetah print on the front. And then there's the enormous bun at the front of her head, all the better to display her cheap-looking statement earrings. The look is very underage-girl-in-line-at-the-club and makes us sad. You can do better, Shosh!