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'Girls' Fashion Roundup: A Weekend Getaway

The girls' weekend away made for an interesting episode, fashion-wise.
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Look guys, Monday was a holiday, so we postponed our "Girls" fashion coverage to today. We bet you didn't watch it until last night anyway because there is just so much TV on Sunday nights!

The girls' weekend away made for an interesting episode fashion-wise. We got to see each character's take on Hamptons style (even though they weren't really in the Hamptons), and Shoshanna finally did something right with her hair.

Read on for our in-depth fashion recap.

Photos: Mark Schafer/HBO

The North Fork Look Each of the girls chose very deliberate outfits for their first day in the Hamptons North Fork. Marni went with an ultra-feminine, fit-and-flare printed dress, which she undoubtedly felt was the perfect thing for standing out on the terrace and welcoming in house guests.

Hannah, too, got the print memo, choosing a vaguely nautical white and navy ikat print jumpsuit for her weekend away, which we kind of love. The hat on the other hand.... We like the idea of a big hat for a trip to the beach, but she should have gone with something a little more toned down and neutral. She also should have been less of an awful person all the time, but, hey, we don't make the rules.

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There's not much to say about Shoshanna's simple sundress, but we do have to applaud her hair. She finally figured out how to do a braided updo without looking like an insane person. Ironically, Shosh chose this day to literally (and awesomely) go insane.

The Swimwear Much can be drawn from each of the girls' swimwear choices.

Jessa probably put the least amount of thought into hers: a very simple yet cool burgundy one-piece.

Marnie, on the other hand, probably put the most amount of thought into hers: a trendy, flattering printed bikini with a retro top. Cute but not overtly sexy, i.e. perfect for a girls weekend.

Then, there's Hannah's green string bikini with what appears to be a Brazilian-cut bottom, which, whatever. And while we applaud her ability to feel comfortable in that all day -- even on a bicycle trip into town -- she should have at least put some shoes on.

Shoshanna appeared to be wearing an Herve Leger (or Herver Leger-inspired) bandage swimsuit -- she wore a similar dress earlier this season. The feistiness came out early, didn't it?

The End-of-Night Outfit Changes After a little swimming and a lot of drinking, the girls (except for Hannah, who continued to feel very comfortable in her green bikini) changed into different outfits to eat, dance and fight. For her third outfit change of the day, Marnie wore her planned-out striped maxi dress, which she undoubtedly felt was the perfect bohemian, dressed up yet casual look. Jessa, who presumably didn't pay any attention to what she put in her bag before she left (or did she? It's so hard to tell), chose a silk snakeskin-print blouse and some gold statement jewelry. And we love that Shoshanna was wearing a baby pink Juicy Couture velour zip-up hoodie as she delivered her brutally honest evaluations of each of her friends' shortcomings, ultimately coming to the realization that she couldn't stand any of them.

The Morning After Despite the horrible hangovers they all must have had, no one wore sweats or pajamas for the bus ride home. Impressive.