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Former GQ Editor Lauren Bans Comes Out as @CondeElevator Tweeter

Here's hoping for a book deal.

If I were to list the funniest people that I follow on Twitter, former GQ associate editor Lauren Bans would certainly be among them. As if I wasn't convinced of her social media prowess already, on Tuesday morning, she tweeted the following confession:

Since we're all coming out now : I was @CondeElevator !

— Lauren Bans (@LaurenBans) February 25, 2014

In case you need a refresher, @CondeElevator was a Twitter account that posted juicy -- and predictably vapid -- tidbits that were overheard in the elevators at Condé Nast. The company houses magazines like Vogue, Glamour, Vanity Fair and, of course, GQ, so reading the Twitter feed was like being a fly on the wall in one of the country's most glamorous and well-known offices. Appropriately, the anonymous account used a photo of Miranda Priestly, the Anna Wintour-inspired character from The Devil Wears Prada, as its avatar.

After skyrocketing to more than 70,000 followers in a matter of weeks, the tweeter called it quits in August 2011 due to threats from the corporate level at 4 Times Square. Bans, who had been at GQ since 2011, must have spilled to her inner circle, since she's gotten various tweets of support from friends in the fashion and media industries since her confession. A spokesperson for GQ said she had "no idea" if Bans was behind the account, but an editor from the title was able to confirm to us that Bans was behind it all along.

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This account spawned a wildly successful copy, @GSElevator, which purported to spill similar secrets and Wall Street from the elevators at Goldman Sachs. The New York Times is reporting that the author of these tweets, John Lefevre, just scored a six figure book deal, and -- get this -- never even worked at Goldman Sachs. We can only hope that Bans gets a similar offer -- we'd read her book in a heartbeat.

Read on for some of @CondeElevator's (RIP) greatest hits.

Woman #1 to Woman #2, holding an omelet: "What's the occasion?" Woman #2: "...huh?" Woman #1: "I would need an occasion to eat that."

— Conde Elevator (@CondeElevator) August 6, 2011

Teen Vogue-er to Teen Vogue-er: "I don't understand why she was so pissed. I'd want to know if something made me look fat."

— Conde Elevator (@CondeElevator) August 7, 2011

Girl #1: She's making me run a million errands this afternoon. Girl #2: Oooh, will you bring me an iced coffee on your way back?

— Conde Elevator (@CondeElevator) August 9, 2011

Note: This article was updated to reflect that Bans left GQ about a month ago, according to a spokesperson for the title.