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Graydon Carter Jokes Gwyneth Paltrow Should Gain 15 Pounds If She Wants to Be More Likable

Vanity Fair's editor in chief explains what happened with that Gwyneth Paltrow "epic takedown" piece.
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It's no secret that we pay close attention to Gwyneth Paltrow, from what she wears to her latest musings in GOOP, along with how she grooms her pubes, and well, pretty much anything she does.

So, naturally, we've been following her supposed "war" with Vanity Fair over its alleged plans to publish an "epic takedown" piece, filled with all sorts of sordid secrets about Paltrow's life. Only that takedown piece never came and we almost forgot about it (we didn't, though), until now.

In the editor's letter from the magazine's March Hollywood Issue, an excerpt of which was published online today, Graydon Carter attempts to explain and lay to rest the "epic takedown" debacle. The gist? The piece, assigned to contributing editor Vanessa Grigoriadis, was never meant to be such a story. Rather, it was to be "a reasoned, reported essay on the hate/love-fest that encircles Gwyneth Paltrow," and that's what Grigoriadis turned in, says Carter. But, due to the media shit storm that ensued, Carter decided to "sit on it for a time."

During that time, Carter received a phone call from Paltrow (!) and they chatted for about 20 minutes -- Paltrow apparently actually asked Carter what she should do to change the "haters'" minds about her. Carter's response might be better than any takedown piece could have been: "I suggested putting on 15 pounds. I joked that it works for me. She replied I had put on much more than that. Which I thought was fair and funny."

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We're not sure why VF waited so long to address the rumors surrounding the story, but they certainly generated a lot of buzz for the magazine -- "more mail and attention than many of the biggest stories we've ever published," as Carter puts it. Fashion stories about Paltrow are usually lovefests that treat any insight Paltrow gives into her daily routine as life-altering wisdom, or just feature her saying awesome things, so it would have been interesting to read something a little less pro-Gwynnie. But alas.

You can read the full excerpt here, and the full editor's letter when the issue hits stands Feb. 7.