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Gucci Wins the Fall 2013 Cover War With 108 Covers

Interestingly, this is no surprise -- the brand also scored the most mags in spring 2013 and fall 2012.
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It's time for our biannual cover war, a battle where brands fight to earn the title of most-featured on the fronts of glossies each season. With 108 appearances, Gucci takes the top spot for fall 2013. Dolce & Gabbana and Louis Vuitton trail with 102 and 84, respectively. Does this all sound familiar? It should. Gucci also won for spring 2013 and fall 2012. But what accounts for it?

Well, brands who advertise in magazines definitely have the advantage. These powerhouses have the money to push its products, and the influence to get those samples on covers. As a result, only a handful of labels take the prize. But while winners may have lots of cash, lots of cash doesn't always guarantee a winner. To wit, Christian Dior and Saint Laurent presented its first ready-to-wear collections for spring 2013 under new designers -- Raf Simons and Hedi Slimane, respectively -- and we assumed the rampant hype machine would catapult both to the top five. But for some reason, only Dior ascended the ranks, managing an impressive second-place spot last season.

Back to Gucci and its continuing dominance. The label's runway show typically ends with eight to 10 showstopping eveningwear pieces, and these looks almost always make up the bulk of Gucci covers. For fall, those eye-catching feather dresses emerged as the superstars.

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So will Gucci dominate again next season? Judging by its uber-sporty collection for spring 2014, perhaps not. The luck so far seems to be with the riotous colors of Prada's rainbow coats and Céline's painterly brights, but only time will tell.

Click through to see the winning covers in all their glory.

Another fall season, another 100+ covers for Gucci. They make it look so easy.

Dolce & Gabbana benefited from the endless number of red looks -- always a popular color choice for covers -- from their fall 2013 show, making it to 102 covers.

Louis Vuitton's slip dresses and pajamas racked up 84 covers.