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Hedi Slimane Looked Really Cute and Happy at the Grammys Beatles Tribute

Maybe it's time he started going to a few more televised concert specials...
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Last night, between posting Fashion Week reviews and researching gerbil fur variations -- it's fascinating, trust me -- I happened to catch most of "The Beatles: The Night That Changed America -- A Grammy Salute." It was an entertaining and emotional tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Fab Four's iconic "Ed Sullivan Show" appearance, and featured a terrific lineup of performers and Katy Perry (sorry, gurl).

But as blown away as I was by Stevie Wonder's stellar rendition of "We Can Work It Out," there was another person in attendance who had my full attention: It was Hedi Slimane! And he was... smiling! And... laughing! (The jury's still out on whether he was singing along when the camera was pointed elsewhere, but I choose to believe that happened, too.)

There he was -- the brooding, controversial, oft-feuding and generally reclusive Saint Laurent designer, known for his dark, grunge-inspired collections -- seated directly behind Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr in the second row of the theater. The same Hedi Slimane who we usually see looking like this and this -- or gah! -- this. But last night (which, yes, I realize was filmed a few weeks ago), he looked genuinely happy. One might even say he was beaming.

Based on his campaign stars and industry friends, it's obvious Slimane is a fan of rock 'n' roll music to the core. Maybe it's time he started going to a few more televised concert specials...

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