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Here Are Some Stylish Kitties Complaining About Fashion Week to Brighten Your Day

Here's what would happen if cats could become fashion editors...and talk.
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In a fashion person's life, this week might be the time during which humor is needed most. So let us introduce you to this season's very necessary distraction: cats in clothes (whom you may recognize from the wonderful United Bamboo cat calendar) complaining, like, verbally, about Fashion Week.

One sad little kitty laments about her difficulties finding her Uber ride after the Alexander Wang show. Another is tired of standing out in the cold, waiting for street style photogs to snap her picture!

Sidney Prawatyotin, VP of fashion at PR firm Krupp Group, started uploading the videos -- created with the help of the "My Talking Pet" app -- earlier this week. The origins: "My friends Julie Le, who is the head librarian of the Costume Institute, and Maayan Zilberman, a designer from The Lake & Stars, got together and sent me videos using Instagram pics I've taken of Eno and Zoe, my Shiba Inus, to help me break up the monotony of late night Fashion Week prep in the office," Prawatyotin explains.

So, he co-opted the concept to brighten the days of fashion people everywhere. "It's a busy time for everyone -- PR companies, casting directors, designers, models and fashion editors. I thought they all deserved a little 15-second break. So, I took pics of the most fashionable canines (Eno and Zoe) and felines (United Bamboo Cat Club models), and recorded voice-overs of funny things I hear around Fashion Week."

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