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Wig-Whipping Voguers Dance Their Way Through Hood By Air's Fall 2014 Finale

Staunch label supporter Kanye West might not have made it this time, but he missed one heck of a show.

The Hood by Air show was dark. And I'm not talking about the clothes. Those were, too, but certainly not as dark as the venue -- a long, hangar-like space at Pier 60, dimly lit save for a few spotlights. I could barely make out any FROW dwellers, much less what was coming down the runway.

Diminished vision aside, I could make out the marked absence of Kanye West, one of the label's biggest and most high-profile supporters. Fortunately, I was sitting next to a fellow who had shot Yeezy's partner-in-crime, Virgil Abloh, just yesterday, and had the tea on West's whereabouts. Supposedly, the rapper was too busy with "baby drama" and "closing a deal" in Paris, so he had to cancel his flight to New York. But that could just be fashion show gossip. Either way, West missed quite a show.

The event was attended by a smattering of the underground glitterati, including Ghetto Gothik creator Venus, as well as the ATL twins. More recognizable was Theophilus London, whose front row seat was usurped by a friend who sat on his lap for the entire show.

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On to the clothes. Creative director Shayne Oliver has another dope offering on his hands. This season, he served up looks that work for both men and women, keeping in line with his unisex vision for the brand. Silhouettes were decidedly street, with oversized jersey-like sweatshirts paired with pants that had zippers all over, exposing flashes of skin. There was also plenty of gratuitous lacing on leather jackets, oversized carriers, pants and backpacks. A pair of white platform thigh-high men's boots with an oversized cuff caught my attention.

For the finale walk, a gaggle of shirtless figures in bright wigs emerged from the misty end of the runway. I wondered, "Where did all the clothes go?" but quickly realized these were not models. Instead, we were being treated to an ensemble of voguers. And boy, did the girls SERVE, honey; twisting, pantomiming, spinning and dipping to the ground, before ending with one energetic session of wig whipping.

Photos: Imaxtree