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12 Instagrammers to Follow During New York Fashion Week

If you want to stay on top of New York Fashion Week, these are the Instagrammers to follow.

The fashion set is already pretty great at Instagram, but fashion month is truly its time to shine. Whether makeup artists, girls about town, boys about town (ahem, Derek Blasberg), designers or journalists, these folks aren't afraid to give their followers a taste of their daily lives. Because when it comes to Instagramming the wonderful world of fashion, the more candid, original and intimate, the better.

Click through for the lowdown on the accounts that will help you get the most out of your afternoon wait in the line at Starbucks.

Quipster: Derek Blasberg You're probably already following him, but if you aren't, ask yourself why. Do you hate photos of Karlie Kloss quaffing champagne? Liz Goldwyn and Karen Elson looking adorably match-matchy in red lipstick? Franca Sozzani hugging Donatella Versace? Yeah, us too. Totally. Blech.

Queen of the #OOTD: Eva Chen By now Lucky EIC Eva Chen has gotten a reputation for being a true social media maven (and an unimpeachably nice human). Her Instagram is filled with shots of the swag that arrives on her desk (flowers, macarons), her ever-changing manicures and, of course, her daily outfits taken en route to work. If you've always wondered what fashion editors actually do all day during fashion week, Chen is your girl.

Health nut: Hannah Bronfman If there's one person whose Instagram could inspire us to eat healthier, work out more and just generally take care of ourselves better, it's Hannah Bronfman's. We're betting on some sweet snaps from the parties she's DJ-ing this week, along with the super-healthy snacks she'll be noshing on to keep herself going (typical hashtags: #glutenfree #healthyliving #cleaneating). The takeaway? Even during fashion week, you can be your best self.

In charge: Jenne Lombardo As one of the founders of Milk Made, Jenne Lombardo has made it her job to i.d. and promote the designers that we'll be talking about tomorrow. Her Instagram is like watching that world unfold. Also her kids are so. Cute.

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Cool kid: Jacquelyn Jablonski If you like knowing what models are up to during the shows, Jacquelyn Jablonski is a great one to follow. Excellent makeup chair selfies, appropriate number of editorial regrams, down-to-earth Christmas tree shots. While some Instagrams can get a little manic, Jablonski keeps it chill but always interesting.

Super duper: Karlie Kloss As far as models go, Karlie is on top of her social media game. Whether it's photos of herself in front of her Victoria's Secret billboard, snuggled up with Pat McGrath or traveling to Myanmar with her boyfriend, the supe never misses an opportunity to document her life. And her life is awesome.

Portrait of the artist as a young Instagrammer: Langley Fox Hemingway As an illustrator and sometime model, Langley Fox's Instagram is a great mix of art, fashion and introspection. Though she's usually out in Los Angeles, Dree Hemingway's little sis is already Instagramming from New York, since some of her art will be on display in the Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop this week. After making her runway debut for Marc Jacobs last year, we're excited to see what she has in store this week.

Beauty buff: Emily Weiss While you could follow Into the Gloss's Instagram, we're going to suggest you subscribe to founder Emily Weiss's account instead, simply based on frequency and originality of posts (or in addition -- no harm in it). You can bet that Weiss is going to be backstage at all the big shows this week, and she has an eye for capturing the beauty trends that you're going to be testing out later this spring.

Mane man: Orlando Pita While a bit too liberal with the hashtags, Orlando Pita takes great shots backstage at all the big shows, since, you know, he's doing the hair for all the big shows. What's great is that a lot of his pics include multiple shots of a given look, so those who want to replicate it at home can get a good look.

Blogger's eye view: Margaret Zhang Shine by Three's Margaret Zhang is really, really good at documenting her life, as bloggers are wont to be. And, as a blogger, she makes it look damn good (especially around meal time). Based on recent Instas, the native Australian has descended on New York to meet with eds like Eva Chen, so we're guessing she's gearing up for a big week.

Everywhere to me: T Magazine Not so much a single person as an omnipresent being, T: The New York Times Style Magazine is a good place to turn if you want a broad sweep of the collections. The magazine's Insta account is prettier than WWD's (sorry, WWD), with backstage and runway pics that make you remember why you love fashion.

Most photos of his feet: John Jannuzzi

For a dose of humor, GQ Senior Digital Editor John Jannuzzi is a good pick, and we're guessing he'll pick up on the many quirks of NYFW. Beware, though: there are a lot of baked goods here, so don't blame us if you end up with Oreo cravings.