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Jenny Packham Channels Bianca Jagger for Fall 2014

It wasn't so much about what she wore, the designer said, but how she wore it.

“It was Bianca Jagger, really,” explained designer Jenny Packham backstage at her fall show, as the models changed out of her delicately beaded, Jazz era-meets-Studio 54 evening gowns. “[My interest was] not so much about what she wore, but how she wore it,” she continued.

And indeed, there’s something about the ease with which Jagger, back in the day, pieced together the most luxurious and the most casual of materials at once. She also kept us on our toes -- making her entrance by horse, slipping into YSL’s Le Smoking in place of a traditional wedding dress, daring to go topless without much concern. Packham sought to get a bit bolder herself this go-round, presenting some deeply cheeky, full-feather pieces (see the immaculate and whimsical icicle blue coat) and '70s-style cashmere jumpers.

The front row was star-studded -- no surprise, given the designer’s knack for delivering red-carpet-ready, floor-sweeping creations. Anna Kendrick, for one, sat perched on her seat, taking in the silk crepe ball gowns and matching beaded knit sweaters. “I think there was a slight '70s feel,” said Packham. But more than that, the designer said she was up for a challenge. "Just being a bit braver," was how she described it. Sounds like Jagger would approve.

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